From now, I won’t have time to help you for CSS problems : it’s time-consuming. I need to focus only on the issues you could have with the plugin. Thank you for your understanding. However, buying me a coffee may help to change my mind and support you the best I can. :) As well as if you are satisfied with my work or/and want to thank me for my help, don’t hesitate to buy me a coffee too…

If you want to contact me for signaling a bug, please give me the following informations in order to help you efficiently :

  • What version of WordPress you’re using
  • What is the name of your theme
  • Exactly what problem you’re seeing
For Category Icons : use the plugin forum here.
For Category Icons Lite : use the plugin forum here.
Vous pouvez me contacter en français si vous voulez.

348 thoughts on “Support

  1. @Ketchup

    I don’t know. I’m sorry I don’t have the time to test. I even didn’t find the time to update my own plugin… “La honte”, comme dirait l’autre. Dernière précision : j’aime beaucoup ton site web vitrine.

  2. how to insert a limit condition for display the icons and category names.

    only display 5 items per page

  3. @jijeesh

    I’m sorry, but could you give me more details, please ? Where do you want to display, which page…

  4. I have read the FAQ and HOW TO. I have played with this for 3 hours now and cannot get it to work. No matter what I do, it says “the default upload path is not accessible”. I even tried it on two different blogs at two different ISP’s.

    To simplify things an “Icons” folder was created at the root of the website. The plugin recommends:

    “Leave blank to use default upload url (”

    Instead of doing that, the following url was inserted.

    I am looking at the Icons folder right now and it’s permissions are set to 777. The url to the folder is The permissions for the public_html folder are 775. If they are set to 777 the website breaks so they were put back to 775. There are no files in the Icons folder if that makes any difference.

    Any suggestions as to what I am missing or what is wrong?

  5. Howdy. I did finally figure it out after a few more hours. I looked everywhere and did not find anything really clear about setting up the two folder paths. At least for the inexperienced like me.

    By putting the same folder name in both fields it worked. I would put that up in BIG BOLD TYPE somewhere in the instructions. Tell the user to create an “icons” folder under “wp-content/uploads” of the wordpress installation. Then tell them to put “wp-content/uploads/icons” into both fields on the options form.

    That at least will get them working right away. If they want to change folders later on they will understand what is going on.

    Don’t forget.


    Oh Yeah. Now that it works it makes the blog look so beautiful I can’t stop smiling. Thanks

  6. Hello, ( sorry for my english but i’m french… )
    I instal your plugin on MAMP serveur, all are OK, but when i instal it on my ftp, I have on error :
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /homez.406/newtrave/www/wp-content/plugins/category-icons-lite 2/caticonslite.php on line 31

    I donc understand please help me ! I use wordpress 3.04 and category icons lite 1.04

  7. @Fred

    Try to delete any folder that begins with “category-icons-lite” and then re-install the plugin directly from WordPress. You must set the correct permissions on the plugins folder to do that.

    In french : essaie d’effacer les répertoires commençant par “category-icons-lite” et de ré-installer le plugin directement depuis WordPress. Il faut donner les droits d’écriture adéquats pour faire cela depuis WordPress.

  8. Hi !

    First, the plugin is great !

    Second, is it possible to give access to editor (or other) instead of just admin. They can see the panel but not add icons.

    Thanks !

  9. @CuberToy

    Yes, I’ll publish it soon. I’m working on porting the new upload method (via media library) in the “classic” version of category icons.

  10. So far what I have seen of it has been excellent, but it stopped working after I upgraded to WP 3.1 for me as well.

  11. @plexxer

    THX for trying to help! Beta works but with bugs:
    1) Categories with similar names (i.e. “news – movies” and “news – music”) don’t have icons.
    2) Icons are shown where they are not supposed to be (i.e. under “latest blogs-excerpts”)

    You can have a look at my screenshot:

  12. When I updated the 2.1.2 beta to WordPress 3.1 I got the following error when I accessed a category based page:

    “Fatal error: [] operator not supported for strings in C:\xampp\htdocs\oscarmarcelo\wp-content\plugins\category-icons\category_icons.php on line 197″

    I tried to replace “[]” by “[0]“. Apparently, it seems to solve my problem… Is this allowed, or this can cause errors in another situation?

  13. Oscar Marcelo :
    When I updated the 2.1.2 beta to WordPress 3.1 I got the following error when I accessed a category based page:
    “Fatal error: [] operator not supported for strings in C:\xampp\htdocs\oscarmarcelo\wp-content\plugins\category-icons\category_icons.php on line 197″
    I tried to replace “[]” by “[0]“. Apparently, it seems to solve my problem… Is this allowed, or this can cause errors in another situation?

    I have the same issue, I got around it copying the code from the else statement into the if category statement on line 197. This fixed the issue for me, essentially treating category pages like any other page. No sure if it will solve your problem.

    The new problem we are having is with adding new category icons. Across 2 separate servers/host platform, the same issue. Seems like with the new beta there are some issues:

    “PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /path/to/category-icons/category_icons.php line 930″

    Which for me is

    $files = array_unique(array_merge($files, bm_caticons_recursive_readdir($path,$files))); // recursive call

    When accessing

    Results in the page not completely loading. No icons can be added or edited. Any ideas?

  14. hoi,

    there seems to be an issue:
    Updateted WordPress to 3.1.1.
    Now, whatever I try, only one icon is showed up for all categories or none. If I disable this one no icon will be displayed. Trying to change this one icon to another category results no icons again. Changing the default icon of the displayed category-icon which is displayed by all categories results the same: no icon everywhere.
    Un- and reinstalling your Plugin: same problems.

    Hope you can understand my problem. Sorry me, english is not my native language. Tried my best to explain.

    greets zhora

  15. Is there a way to extract the priority values for all of the icons?

    I want to build a list that has both the name of the category and the category icon and I want to sort the list by the priority value stored with the category.

    Any suggestions on how to do this? I am new to PHP but I can probably hack something together if I could just figure out how to extract a list of all the category icons and their priority values.

  16. I have installed Category icons Lite and nothing shows up – no error messages – nothing, I have uploaded and assigned icons to categories in the media gallery – I want to use the icons for categories on the Featured Posts widget and in the title of the actual post itself – is this possible? Thanks!

  17. Hi!
    This is a great plugin, i love it! however, i’m having some trouble using it. after each icon it adds “1″ symbol. it was ok at first, but now it’s getting annoying and i just can’t find where it does this in the code. i use it for flag icons in my website, and after each flag i get “1″. can you help me with this? thx.

  18. Hi

    Thanks for the great plugin!

    Is it possible to use a dropdown menu with the category icons, for example to access subcategories. I haven’t found a way so far.


  19. Hi,
    I downloaded “Category Icons Lite” and I really like it, because its just the plugin I was searching for. But I have a little problem: Although I have different icons for every category, there is always the same icon at the categorylist at the right side of my page.
    How can I fix this problem?

  20. Hi,
    I know it is possible to stack the category icons one on to of the other.
    I would like to ask if i can set which icons have a stacking priority over the other.
    For example, if i have categories called news, fun and shows…the icon for news should always be above the icons for ‘funzone’ and the icon for shows always above the icon for fun. I assume the plugin works with category ids. My category id numbers are not in the correct order. is there a work around i could use to prioritise which icons have priority over others? The priority feature that comes with your plugin doesnt seem to do the job :(
    Your help would be invaluable…

    Thank YOU!

  21. Btw, Great software. It is very simple to work with, however I have a question. I am using Classipress theme. The problem is that Classipress uses an Ad Category with is not the same thing as wordpress’ category. Therefore when I go to select an Ad category to link the icons to, I only get uncategorized as an option. Is there a setting I can change to point to the right location?

  22. Hello!
    I have different icons shown for all categories in categories archive. I was not displaying tags archive and had no problems. Now I started to use a tags archive, but it shows with a random category’s icon.
    Can I add a code or parameter to not show icons on tags archive or show one default for all tags archive?
    I use the latest wp with bp.
    Thank you!

  23. Hi, thanks for this plugin.
    I’d like to know if there is a way to use it to build a menu inside my sidebar (or header), showing always ALL categories.


  24. I’ve installed the plug-in and uploaded an image to the default location. But there is no drop-down that lets me select a category for the image. I’m using WordPress 3.2.1. Is it incompatible? Or am I doing something wrong?

  25. I would like to display all of a post’s category icons, stacked vertically (on top of each other) on the left-side of my post. When I enter the code next to the Blog Title, the icons stack vertically, but they push the Blog Entry further down the page so there is a huge gap between the Title and the Entry. I’ve been scratching my head over this for hours, I just can’t figure out a workaround for this. Is this even possible? Thanks so much!

  26. Thanks for the great plug-in. It works in about 99% of the places it is supposed to.

    For some reason certain posts do not show icons next to the titles. I have no idea why. It seems random. It seems to happen on posts that are in multiple categories, however icons display fine on other posts that are in multiple categories. I’m stumped. The theme I’m using is based on Thematic.

    Secondly, is there a way with the plug-in to have 2 sets of icons, 1 small set for the sidebar categories widget and a second set of larger icons for use next to post titles?


  27. Hy there,
    I’d just have one question for you:
    - How comes that a “1″ is displayed right after each icon I loaded ? More efficiently : Have you ever heard of such an issue ?
    I work on WP 3.2.1.
    Anyhow thanks for this plugin and this so easy support site.

  28. Hi, great plugin, i know this is for sure already covered but i cant find exactly how to make it work. I want to simply call a category by id and display its category name, description and icon, with both title and icon being linked to category template. You already have this working for listing categories, but not sure best way to implement when only one category needed to be shown.

    Many thanks,


  29. Hey there!

    So, we’ve been using your plugin on our site now for about … well, ever since we found it. It has worked great – and I’ve referenced everything I could before leaving my comment here.

    We recently added a couple new categories which require a couple new icons, and so I upload them to our folder, and when I click on the category name inside of the category icon widget, it’s not giving me any option to change or add new icons to a certain category. I’ve tried going back to version 1.1, then using the new ‘beta’ version.

    I don’t have my Local Path and Url to icons set, as I’m not able to re-write permissions at this time (working on that w/ host). I’m just wondering if others have seen the same issues. Also, I can’t use the lite version, due to us tagging a post with 2-3 categories.

    Also, even categories that have already been assigned an image will not come up with any icons when I enter into that specific category name. It’s weird! Help!

  30. Hi,

    i was just wondering if you could please help me with installation of this. I need help with uploading icons and how to implement this on my blog and I am having a hard time figuring out how to upload and make this work. The plugin looks great though, so thank you very much and any help would be greatly appreciated.


  31. i have your plugin on and it was working fine until the site upgraded several months ago. Now the icons show up on only some posts – any idea what to check?


  32. @Ryan Poole :

    Go in the settings and in the field “Maximum number of icons” enter 1 if you want only one icon.

  33. @FJ :

    I think there is an echo get_cat_icon somewhere in the template. Just remove the echo or add echo=false to the parameters :
    echo get_cat_icon(‘echo=false’);
    or :
    get_cat_icons(); // instead of echo get_cat_icons();