Languages updated in 2.0.7

  • Italian language updated by Gianni. Thank you Gianni !!!
  • Turkish language added by Selim Basak.
Download the plugin again to update the languages, as I’ve added the language files after the release of the last version.

What’s new in 2.0.7 ?

This is a recommended update !
  • Compatibility with My Category Order added.
  • I’ve added some links to Category Icons’s blog.
  • You can now sort a column of the category icons table by clicking its header. If you want to come back to the initial sort state, refresh the page.
  • The widget is now embedded in category-icons.php. The file category-icons_widget.php is not needed anymore, so you just have to activate only the plugin itself (the widget is automatically activated when you activate the plugin).
  • The check for the field priority is removed. May be it will avoid some issues with MySQL… 
  • The “Template Code” tab is renamed “Template Tags”…
Update :
  • Italian language updated by Gianni. Thank you Gianni !!!
  • Turkish language added by Selim Basak.