DocumentationCategory Icons Filters

There are 2 filters :

1. category_icons

It can be used with the get_cat_icon tag. Examples of how to use it :

How to set a default icon

How to assign a specific icon for a post

How to modify the category icons through functions.php

2. category_icons_widget

It can be used with put_cat_icons tag. A how to needs to be written.

How toHow to use Category Icons tags in a script

Sometimes, you need to use the tag get_cat_icon or/and put_cat_icons in a script. So to get the icon in a variable, it must not be displayed. The parameter to not display the category and to get it returned is : echo, and it needs to be set to false. Here are examples of how to use it. If your script is not in the Loop, you must use the cat parameter and give it a category id. Continue reading