How toHow to use Category Icons with Recent Posts

Since v2.1, you can display the category icons with Rob Marsh‘s Recent Posts plugin. Here is how. In Recent Posts, go to Output, enter {caticons} in the field, and click on Save Output Settings :

Rob Marsh's Recent Posts plugin

Rob Marsh's Recent Posts plugin

If you use the widget, it’ll be displayed like this in the default WordPress theme :
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How toHow to display icons in posts

1. download the plugin and install it.
2. Upload your images to your upload folder. The size of the icons depends on your needs & theme. There’s no recommanded size to use the get_cat_icon() function.
3. Assign icons to your categories in Manage tab.
4. Then, in Template Code, the plugin will show you where to put the get_cat_icon() and put_cat_icons() functions in your theme files :

5. You can also use the widget to display icons in your sidebar.

Note that the ‘small’ icons are displayed by default. If the small icons are not found, the normal icons will be displayed, and vice versa. If you have both type (normal and small) and you want to display ‘normal’ icons, you must use set the parameter ‘small’ to false.

Example :

I want to display ‘normal’ icons in my posts. I’ll put that code in index.php (for example) :