How to remove the border around icons

Sometimes, you don’t want to have a border around the icons. Try one of these solutions :

1. In the posts

In your template file, put the following code if you want no link and no border (most of the time, just ‘link=false’ do the trick) :


with this added in your style.css file :

.myicons {
 border: 0px;

2. In the sidebar

Use the put_cat_icons() function. Example :


But you can also use the widget as an alternative, which is easier, but don’t forget to activate it. You’ll need to enter the following parameters in put_cat_icons() field :


with this in your style.css :

.myicons {
border: 0px;

3. Use the border parameter

Important ! If you use the border parameter, your page will not be valid XHTML Strict.

In your pages and posts :


In the sidebar :


In the widget parameters: