How toMake Category Icons Lite work with any Hybrid based theme

There are some Hybrid based themes that don’t work with Category Icons Lite. For example, Ascetica : the icons are not displayed in front of the title. So to make this theme compatible, go to Category Icons Lite settings to uncheck Posts.

Uncheck Posts

Uncheck Posts

Then, in functions.php in Ascetica theme folder, add this line in the function named ascetica_theme_setup (“theme-name_theme_setup” to be generic) : Continue reading

LiteNew version of Category Icons Lite

This version is simpler than the classic one. I’ll put more efforts on this plugin than on the classic one. This is the next generation Category Icons.

It works with more themes than before, example : Prototype or Canvas.

It has an incredibly simple panel settings :

Panel settings

Panel settings

To start using it, just upload your icons (images) via the Media page and assign a category to the image : Continue reading

How toHow to use a template tag to display icons with Category Icons Lite

You must have at least v1.0.4. Just copy and paste this code in your template file (index.php, loop.php, etc) :

<?php if (function_exists('get_cat_icon_lite')) echo get_cat_icon_lite();?>

You can also give it the category id. If you want to display the icon for the category id number 3, you’d do that :

<?php echo get_cat_icon_lite(3); ?>