WordPress Plugin Review : Category Icons

The plugin received a 4.3 out of 5 in this article written by Rene, in his blog WordPress Plugin Guide :

WordPress Plugin Review : Category Icons

WordPress Plugin Review : Category Icons (click on the image to read the review)

Thanks Rene.

Category Icons is a Most Wanted Category Plugin for WordPress

This is said in the website wpbeginner, in this post :


Pictures make a site more lively which is a given which is why blogger might want to associate pictures with their category. This plugin lets you associate a specific icon of your choice to a designated category. You can use this plugin to list categories by icon with or without names, and much more.

Category Icons is a way to vastly improve your WordPress blog

This is what John Owen said in his post in Web Media Magazine : http://www.webmediamagazine.com/webdesign/50-different-ways-to-vastly-improve-your-wordpress-blog/

Usually the sidebar is clogged up with meta data, advertisement’s and tag clouds. We sometimes miss the categories in all the mess, assigning images to your categorys is a great way to fix this and will help your visitors navigate your blog with ease.

Category Icons is a way to improve navigation in WordPress

This is what John Pratt said in his post in WPHacks : http://wphacks.com/10-ways-to-improve-navigation-in-wordpress/

Having your categories a post is assigned to listed and linked is a great way to get visitors to view everything else you have posted in that category, but sometimes (like “ad blindness) readers are blinded to post meta info. Solve that by assigning images to your categories, so that they stand out prominently! All you need is the Category Icons plugin.

And I agree. :)