How toHow to use a template tag to display icons with Category Icons Lite

You must have at least v1.0.4. Just copy and paste this code in your template file (index.php, loop.php, etc) :

<?php if (function_exists('get_cat_icon_lite')) echo get_cat_icon_lite();?>

You can also give it the category id. If you want to display the icon for the category id number 3, you’d do that :

<?php echo get_cat_icon_lite(3); ?>

18 thoughts on “How to use a template tag to display icons with Category Icons Lite

  1. just a quick question:

    how can I display the icons linking into the category page?

    I’m using Category Icons Lite
    great plugin by the way ;)

  2. Great plugin :)

    One problem I have is it displays the category image in my widgetized sidebar, where I list my categories. Any way to stop this I hope?

    In the non-lite version you can pass variables like link=false, etc. but that cannot be done with this lite tool I assume.

  3. Hi, I want to know the same issue as Nadia, I want to link posts from the category icon.

  4. I have just install Category Icons Lite and uploaded my icons. Neat!

    How can I *not* have the category icon in the category list? I only want the icons in the posts.

  5. I had use your Plugin but i can not manage it on my blog.I want to add Category Icons to Menu but i could not able to do it.Please help me out how i will do that.


  6. I believe I’ve found a show-stopping bug with get_cat_icon, and I’m getting no response from the developer. Wondering whether anyone else has experienced this problem?

    The code below causes the numeral “1″ to appear next to each icon it renders. I know the problem is in the plugin because when I remove the get_cat_icon() function from it, both the icon and the numeral go away. Any suggestions welcome!

    Example edited a bit so it doesn’t get mangled by the blog:

    foreach ($categories as $category) {
    echo get_cat_icon(“cat=$category->term_id”);


  7. I’m also trying to get the icons to link to their category page on each post.

    How would I do this?
    What would I wrap this in to get the link:

    Great Plug-in by the way!

  8. Is this plugin just for Developers?
    If it it for Designers, why all the Code and Template references. Most Plugins that are built us average people have an options panel or configuration screen. I like the conept, but this is much too complicated!

  9. Hi,
    Just a quick note. I think there is a mistake, since the function you have suggested to be working… is not working.
    But I found that you kept the old function called get_cat_logo($catID), and it works.


  10. Hi Scot,

    if you want to display an icon, you don’t have to do :
    echo get_cat_icon('cat='.$catid);
    but only :
    Or :
    echo get_cat_icon('echo=false&cat='.$catid);

  11. @NP, Niplo, Phil, Jonni :

    I’m trying to make a video tutorial. As soon as it’s finished, I’ll put it online. And yes, it’s not for average user, ut designers/developers. That’s the reason why I tried to write a Lite version, but it seems not as simple to use as I thought…