LiteBrand new plugin : Category Icons Lite

I wanted it to be simple to use : it does the job all by itself ! No need to search where to put the template tags.

It’ll work with a lot of themes. Just try. If you have an issue, make sure your template has the post title preceded by the permalink and its title :

<a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>" ... title="<?php the_title(); ?>">
<?php the_title(); ?>

Or :

<a title="<?php the_title(); ?>" ... href="<?php the_permalink() ?>">
<?php the_title(); ?>

How to use it :

1. Upload an image as usual via the Media Menu
2. Select the category you want to assign to the image
3. Save the changes

Category Icons Lite

Category Icons Lite

That’s it !

Download it now ! Category Icons Lite

33 thoughts on “Brand new plugin : Category Icons Lite

  1. Hi, thanks a lot for this useful extension!

    Could you precise which template file you mean in “make sure your template has the post title preceded by the permalink and its title”?

    Many thanks in advance,

  2. @Nico

    Hi Nico. Just try the plugin with your template, and if it does not display the icons in front of the title, then you’ll need to check the files in your theme : index.php, single.php, etc. if the_permalink() and the_title() are used to display the permalink and the title, as my plugin reacts to their filter. In french : en fait, il faut que tu sois bien sûr que les 2 fonctions soient utilisées dans les fichiers de ton thème, vu que mon plugin se base dessus pour afficher les icônes.

  3. Hi, thanks a lot, this looks great!

    I love the simplicity in the backend! Actually, the one thing I’m missing is support for the template-tag get_cat_icon( $category_id ) that was included with the Category Icons Plugin. Could you re-include just this with the Category Icons Lite version?

    This would be so great!

  4. @sub

    thanks for your fast reply! Does this mean, that you are working on this feature? Here is a bit more information for what I want to use it:

    I am displaying all the categories on the home page, each should contain the category title, description and image. I have to use get_categories() to receive the descriptions, and your plugin could give me images for each category.

  5. Hi

    I’m trying the Lite version but it won’t display any icons is a post has more than one catagory assigned to it. What have I don’t wrong?

  6. Hi Sub,

    this is great! I will definitely help you a bit with your PlayStation! :)
    One more suggestion: If I try to assign a new image to a category that already has an image assigned to it, it shows an error page saying that it is assigned already. Would it be possible to have a “replace” button on this page that would discard the old image and assign the new one to the category?

  7. And one more suggestion, but this would really just be a nice-to-have: I was thinking about an average user, who might first look for the category image in the “categories” overview. I made a quick draft of how it could look like:

    It uses a screenshot of a german version of WordPress, I didn’t have an english one available at the moment.

    I really think people would love this seamless integration in the backend, it would bring WordPress even closer to a real CMS. What do you think?


  8. @Gaggo

    Thanks. And now, if you want to donate, feel free to do it, my friend. :)

    I’m gonna think you’re in my head : I was wondering how I could do that !!!

  9. I felt free, hope it helps with the ps3 :)

    I’m excited to see what you will add to this wonderful plugin!

  10. Hi Sub,

    This plugin seems to be exactly what I need…I usually hate heavy plugins and this one is nice and subtle, but I can’t seem to get one thing to work correctly.

    I’m uploading images to the media gallery that are 200px x 150px. And I have the the wordpress thumbnail setting set to 141x 79x. When I use this plugin, its pulling the full size version (200 x 150). Is there any way to make it use the thumbnailed version that I have already set in Wp?

    If I end up using this plugin I’ll be more than happy to donate for your PS3 cause :)

  11. The reason it doesn’t work with the Prototype theme (and many others) is because the plugin makes the assumption that the post title is coded in a very specific manner (incorrectly coded, I might add). Shoot me an email if you need some help fixing the issues and making your plugin work with pretty much all properly-coded themes.

  12. Hi Sub,

    just wanted to check on how things are going. Hopefully, you don’t have your new PlayStation funded already, that would mean less time for this wonderful plugin ;)

  13. Hi Sub,

    I’ve found your instruction to get Category Icons worked with Article Directories since 2008. However, the instruction is too old. It was for Article Directory ver 0.6 while it is now v1.3.

    It will be a great combination. Please could you help me as well as other people to have Category Icons Lite worked with Article Directories v1.3

    Thank you very much for your great plugin!

  14. Hi Sub!

    Nice plugins ;)

    I prefer the more complex ‘Category Icons Plugin’ but it seems that you’re willing to drop development of that version… am I right?

    I hope to be wrong…

    It will be very nice to see the new upload category icon method (using media library) in the lite version ported to the “classic” one.

  15. @Samuel

    I’m trying to do that, plus some fixes. I think the “classic” one will only be compatible with WordPress 3+ versions.

  16. Hi,
    in theme (grid) the category icon is displayed expanded, and I can’t find a way to fit it, or rather to display the real size image… what’s wrong?

  17. Hi, the image size ratio doesn’t work in my theme. I’ve tried everything, even putted a .caticonslite in the .css. The chosen icon is still desplayed as expanded. It’s a mistery…

  18. hi Sub, thank you for this genial plugin! I have a issue with sub-categories,maybe because my theme doesn’t support the title with permealink.however for categories works great.

    if i assign an icon to a subcategory on the homepage the post titles of subcategory shown as preview are duplicated. Same issue for category with no subcategory..

  19. Is it possible to have this icons appear somewhere else on the post instead of beside the title of the post? For example, repleacing the category links in the post-info or just having it appear beside it?

  20. doesn’t seem like anything has changed since last time i checked here… Obviously you have your new psp back, so sad :(

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