How toHow to display category icons in the sidebar

To display the icons in the sidebar, you have 2 solutions :

1. Use the widget
Go to Appearance > Widgets and drag Category Icons Widget to the right. You can have multiple Category Icons widgets.

Category Icons Widget

Category Icons Widget

Category Icons Widget Settings

Category Icons Widget Settings

Here is a good & complete spanish tutorial.

2. Manually

In the sidebar.php page of your WordPress theme, you must use the put_cat_icons function.

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7 thoughts on “How to display category icons in the sidebar

  1. How to seprate two parameters in this widget
    class=myicons&link=false OR class=myicons link=false OR class=myicons, link=false


  2. Something is wrong with cateogry icons on my site. I recently added a new category – modern fantasy. I gave it an icon, modernfantasy.gif. However, when I put it on the sidebar, it uses the wrong icon (fantasy.gif) and places the icon in the middle of the text. Look on the right sidebar under genres

    How do I resolve this issue?

  3. Funny, I went to Appearances -> Widgets but there isn’t a widget for this plug-in. Is it available only with the PRO version?

    Thanks in advance,