Category Icons is a Most Wanted Category Plugin for WordPress

This is said in the website wpbeginner, in this post :

Pictures make a site more lively which is a given which is why blogger might want to associate pictures with their category. This plugin lets you associate a specific icon of your choice to a designated category. You can use this plugin to list categories by icon with or without names, and much more.

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2 thoughts on “Category Icons is a Most Wanted Category Plugin for WordPress

  1. Great idea for the plugin – usefull, nice, but…

    Watch out, because the plugin automatically changes all of your templates’ files. Wherever there is a call to a category link – it adds the code to display the icon. So when you DON”T WANT the icon somewhere, you start editing the template – and the result is that you have a lot unwanted changes in your tempaltes… When you quit from using the plugin – upssss the code is still in mess…

  2. Hi, Adam.

    I don’t agree with your comment. The plugin automatically patches the files ONLY if you check “Patch the files if possible (check for true)” in the options.