Beta versionsCategory Icons 2.1 Beta

If you want to test the beta version, here it is, but remember : for testing purpose only !

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6 thoughts on “Category Icons 2.1 Beta

  1. Was this released before or after the WP upgrade to 2.8.2? I’ve turned off all plugins and can’t get this one to work, again. Seems like every time you get caught up, they throw out a new version. Unless it’s just me having the trouble?

  2. Probably shoulda been more specific. The icons just don’t show up on my entries. Everything else is fine.

  3. I’ve done a fresh install of WP 2.8.2 : it’s working. Here is what I’ve done. I downloaded WordPress 2.8.2. I unzipped it in a folder where I can access it from a browser. I created a new database. I downloaded the beta version of Category Icons and unzipped it in the plugins folder. Then, I’ve put in wp-config.php the database infos (name, login, password) and “installed” WordPress through a browser (Safari). Then logged into WordPress, changed the admin password, activated the plugin. Once in posts > Category Icons, it said “the default upload folder was not accessible”, so I’ve created the folder “uploads” in wp-content. I’ve created a folder named “icons” inside it and put some images. Back into Category Icons, I choose one icon for each size (normal & small). I could see them in front of the “uncategorized” category. I went in Template Tags to see where I can paste the get_cat_icon() function in index.php (16:8). I pasted the code right there and boom, it’s working.

  4. Wow. I don’t wanna sound completely lazy, but that just seems like a lot of work for people who don’t have a ton of time. And every time there’s an update, something like this has to be done to get everything to work. This is my fave plugin, but I can’t mess with all that when I’m not 100% comfortable with databases as it is. Even when turning the plugin off completely, it stops the page from loading, so it’s either deal with missing icons or delete it all together which I didn’t really wanna do.

    Guess I’ll just hold off for a while. Thanks for the post, though.

  5. sub, your post DID help. I went in and saw that same error about the path, made sure the pix were in there and now it works, yay! Thanks! I guess I must have….yes! I was deleting the /upGRADE folders in there and deleted the /upLOADS folder by mistake. I’m such a fool.

  6. Thanks for the reply. I was wondering what could be the problem… I’m happy that it’s working ! By the way : I don’t have a ton of time, and that’s the reason why I did not update the plugin since last summer… But I think I’m going to make one probably this week (v2.1), as this version seems to be “mature” enough to be 2.8+ compliant.