NewsBeware of imitations !

Update : I apologize to A. Lewis for my error.

I’ve found that this website : is selling a WordPress plugin called Category Icons for $10.99 !!! Here is how they describe it :

Category Icons Module

Category Icons Premium Module for Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin – $10.99

This module allows you to add icons to your categories and subcategories. The silk icon pack from is included in the default package. You can always use your own icons by uploading them to the images/caticons folder. Adding your icons is a simple matter of selecting the icon you want to use for a specific category and clicking a button to set it. (If you have previously made a donation of $10 or more please contact me for a free copy of this module)

It sounds familiar, does not it ? Even the famfamfam icon pack I’ve talked about here. So don’t buy a plugin that you could have for free by downloading it !

5 thoughts on “Beware of imitations !

  1. The module you’ve referenced here is a module that applies icons to the classfieds categories created by the plugin Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin and has nothing to do with adding icons to wordpress categories. It would be useless to anyone who would try to make it add icons to their wordpress categories as it is specifically built for Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin and will only work with the classifieds categories created by the plugin for which it was built. You might do your audience a service by correcting the erroneous assumptions in your post.

  2. For further clarification, in case you or your readers might be unclear, the module you have referenced is not a wordpress plugin. It is an enhancement (or extra module) that works specifically with Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin. Please take the time to read the site. I’m sure you’ll realize immediately that you were hasty in your conclusions.

  3. Lastly, I will be more than happy to send you a copy of the module in question so that you can compare code and verify for yourself and your readers that it is a completely different tool and will not work with wordpress categories, thus making it not a competing product much less for being an imitation.

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  5. I did not have access to your source code, and yes, I was hasty in my conclusions. I’m sorry, I made a mistake. I apologize to you for my error.