NewsCategory Icons patch for WordPress 2.8

Update 2 : the patch is not needed anymore as there is a new version of category icons (2.1) that is compatible with WordPress 2.8+. Download it to resolve the issue.

Update 1 : here is the detailed procedure (thanks to ycs for the tip) :

  1. deactivate the plugin,
  2. log out of the admin control panel,
  3. replace the old category_icons-panel.js in the js folder by this one,
  4. clear your browser cache,
  5. close all open browser windows,
  6. open a browser, log in and reactivate the plugin.

Please leave me a comment if it’s not working.

37 thoughts on “Category Icons patch for WordPress 2.8

  1. I still have these 2 exception on my website:(

    [Exception... "'Syntax error, unrecognized expression: [@name='igcaticons_spacerstype'][@value='image']‘ when calling method: [nsIDOMEventListener::handleEvent]” nsresult: “0x8057001e (NS_ERROR_XPC_JS_THREW_STRING)” location: “” data: no]
    category…s?ver=2.8 (riga 2)
    jQuery(“div#slider1″).codaSlider is not a function
    category…s?ver=2.8 (riga 2)

  2. just comment this line :
    wp_enqueue_script(‘caticons-links-panel’, ‘/wp-content/plugins/category-icons/js/category_icons-links-panels.js’);

  3. I’m assuming the file to be replaced resides at : WPINSTALL/wp-content/plugins/category-icons/js

    First try: Deactived the plugin, replaced the file, reactivated the plugin – issue not resolved.
    Second try: Plugin activated, replace file – issue not resolved.

    Any other ideas? I really love this plugin and would be sad to see it removed from our site.

  4. Could you use the contact page in order to have your email, so I can send you the version I’m working on. This’ll not be an “official” release, but it’s just to see if it’ll work for you… And what’s your version of WordPress ?

  5. Just sent it and we’re using WordPress 2.8. I just upgraded it this evening.

  6. Backup made. Installed 2.1beta and it still has the issue with the boxes. As soon as it’s deactivated, the boxes work again.

  7. @julien

    Peux-tu me donner un peu plus de détails, s’il te plaît ? Il n’y a pas, a priori, de relation, vu que j’utilise les fichiers .mo pour la localisation.

  8. After 2.8 upgrading wp_list_categories with Category icons not working.
    my code:

    $showcat = put_cat_icons( wp_list_categories(‘use_desc_for_title=1&orderby=order&show_count=1&hierarchical=0&child_of=3&hide_empty=0&title_li=’.'&echo=0′));

    if i disabling your scripts child categories work great. Else if i activating category icons script says: “No categories available”..

  9. Bon je vais parler en français ( + simple :) )

    Ton patch marche bien avec IE 7.0.6001
    En revanche, toujours BUG avec Firefox/3.0.11
    Bizarre ça marchait tout à l’heure au bureau avec une version + ancienne de FF (je n’ai pas noté la version)

    Merci pour ton chouette plugin : j’espère pouvoir le réactiver vite :)

  10. To get the 2.0.7 working, I deactivated the plugin, replaced the js file, logged out of the admin control panel, cleared my browser cache, and closed all open browser windows before calling it a night. When I went back in today, I activated the plugin and everything was working. I’m not sure if something was cached in the browser or WP or my system but all is working now. Thanks Sub for all the help.

    PS: I also was able to get the 2.1beta to work with the same process.

  11. @José
    As-tu suivi la procédure ci-dessus (j’ai mis à jour le post). Essaie de vider le cache…

  12. En fait, ce qu’il se passe… C’est que le plugin semble incompatible (j’ai desactivé tous les plugins 1 à 1 pour en arriver à que ce soit Category Icons qui gêne.

    Lorsque je vais dans Articles > Ajouter … Les mots clés ne répondent plus (impossible d’en ajouter, aucun mot clé n’apparait quand je tape les première lettres d’un déjà présent) et pour les catégories, même chose, le bloc texte n’apparait meme plus. Je précise que le plug fonctionnait très bien avec l’ancienne version.

    PS : Comment on vide le cache ? C’est peut etre ça….

  13. Euh…autant pour moi, c’était bien le cache (j’utilisais Google Chrome) , j’ai supprimé tout mes fichiers temporaires et ça refonctionne! Merci pour ton super boulot !

  14. How can i get this plugin to work with WordPress 2.7.1 ? I can’t choose any icon, there are no dropdowns etc.

  15. Firebug tells me :

    jQuery(“div#slider1″).codaSlider is not a function
    [Break on this error] jQuery(“div#slider1″).codaSlider();

    What’s happening ?

  16. i found the problem, category-icons plugin is not compatible with vbbridge.

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  18. Hi
    Since i updatet to WP 2.8 this plugin is the only one that makes the adminpanel not work for me. I cant open/close the sidepanels anymore and the swf uploader thing wount even open up when pressing the button for image uploads. I went trough all active plugins and this one is the only one causing problems.
    Please help would be ashame to disable the plugin :(

    Thx Eddy

  19. Hi again
    got the problem solved just had to activate the plugin bevor activating the other plugins.Then after some try’s the other plugins are now working fine again had to find out when to acticate witch plugin -.-

    Greetz Eddy

  20. AFter following the prescribed steps, I’ve noticed no alleviation of the conflict between Category Icons and the WP UI AJAX.

  21. Worked great for me! Thanks.

    To people having trouble, make sure you hold shift when you hit refresh and hit it multiple times to ensure your browser downloads the replaced javascript file.

  22. Fixed it! We were also having problems with the plug-in and tags not working or being able to use Quick Edit. Had the same issue with Firefox, Explorer on a PC and a Mac.

    I tried the patch at the website see “Category Icons patch for WordPress 2.8″
    and it seemed to fix the problem at all three of our sites. Thanks for the thread and support.

  23. links on my pages not working, when click on it always goes to the hosting website itself.
    How to fix it? Thanks…