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Yes, I don’t provide any icon with the plugin, but you can always go visit this website : Famfamfam. And it’s $0.00, as always ! If you know some other icons resources, feel free to post your links here…

5 thoughts on “Some icons

  1. Seriously, get rid of that “Troubleshoot” page on top and put in an “About” page instead. I came here by accident searching for some php functionality and had to search all over the blog to see what this was about.
    Just my 2 cents, take my advice or leave it.
    I would use this page for the about page.
    But with the 2nd quote first, because he actually SAYS what it does.
    Also this blog seems to be dedicated to this plug-in, but apparently you don’t use it yourself. One would expect to see it here in it’s full glory, but it’s completely absent. Well, like I said, I don’t mean to be ranting, just my well meant advice.

  2. I don’t use it myself because I did not find any good icon fitting to my categories, and that’s the reason why I’ve put some screenshots !
    So if someone would like to create me some icons, I’d be happy to put them online !

  3. Why not just put random icons for the categories, just to showcase what the plugin can do? I mean, they don’t have to be anything fancy or PERFECT, but it’d be really nice to see the plugin in action.

  4. I’ve put some links to other sites that use icons. I would like my icons to be fancy… :p

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