How toHow to display only icons in the sidebar

You have 2 solutions :

1. With the widget, just put
in the parameters :Icons Only

2. Manually, i.e. in the sidebar.php page of your WordPress theme, you must use the put_cat_icons function:


5 thoughts on “How to display only icons in the sidebar

  1. il semble que ça seulement marche pour les categories pour le blog. Quand j’ai mis icons_only=true le text reste avec les icons avec les pages dans le sidebar…

  2. I am totally lost. Where is the widget for this plug-in? do I need to create a widget?

    When I install this plug-in it automatically starts to use the icons for the categories at my sidebar…

  3. @pmdci:

    Go to Appearance > Widgets, then you’ll see Category Icons Widget in the available widgets, unless you have a problem with the plugin.

  4. The widget will appear in Dashboard -> Widgets

    Use the widget to make configuration changes.