How toHow to not display the title Categories in the sidebar

If you don’t want the word Categories to be displayed, just enter a space in the title of the widget.

Just put a space in the title field

Just put a space in the title field

If you want to do the same without the widget, search for the following code in sidebar.php :

<?php _e('Categories'); ?>

and delete it.

12 thoughts on “How to not display the title Categories in the sidebar

  1. @maigret
    Salut commissaire. ;-)
    Je viens de répondre à ta question en apportant une mise à jour à ce post.

  2. How do I display the icons in the sidebar?
    I have followed the instructions and dubbelchecked and tripplehecked my code…
    …but the icons dont display in the sidebar. But they do i the articles.

    Any known issuses?

    //Best regards Martin

  3. how do i display just the icon when there is a icon. in the widget
    For example:
    Sites Favorite Has a icon

    I want the icon just to be displayed but not the title of the category

    Normally its like this.
    [Icon] categoryname (postnumber)
    Othercategory (postnumber)
    Othercategory (postnumber)

    I want
    [Icon] (postnumber)
    Othercategory (postnumber)
    Othercategory (postnumber)

  4. hya,

    so i would love to get rid of the “categories” title, but i am not using the widget or the sidebar.

    i have typed this code into my page to make a visual menu on my home page :

    so this code

    doesn’t exist to delete. any ideas how to rid of that title ?

    thnx ! this is a great plugin :)

  5. found it: went into category-template.php and deleted it. luckily i won’t need it anywhere else.

    however, i’m still open to other solutions! thnx :)

  6. Hello,

    Great plugin, have been playing all night and have got it working great! The only thing I have noticed is it adds the word ‘Categories’ to anywhere that is displaying the categories with images. I would like to remove this. I have simply added the template tags as suggested in the wp-admin area. I dont want to remove the default WP H2 title. Could you please point me in the right direction as to where to modify this? I have spent some time looking through the php, but cant see where it is.

    Many thanks!

  7. Hi,

    could you send me a link, or your html page ? I’d like to see this, as I can’t reproduce this behaviour. Did you have a look at your php file in your theme to see if there was not there ? (Especially if your theme is inove…)

  8. @jennyb
    I have the same problem but no category.php page so I looked into the archives page an it isn’t there either. Nor is it in the functions file, I have no clue how to get rid of the category text :(