What’s new in 2.0.6 ?

  • Compatibility with qTranslate updated.
  • Compatibility with Admin Drop Down Menus added.
  • Compatibility with SEO Friendly Images updated : when you used SEO plugin, the ALT and TITLE attributes in the sidebar contained the last post title instead of the category names.
  • New language added : Russian (translation by Dimox).
Soon, new languages will be added : swedish, brazilian & maybe portuguese…

5 thoughts on “What’s new in 2.0.6 ?

  1. We use a lot of include virtuals in our templates. In the latest version this error occurs a lot:

    Warning: virtual() [function.virtual]: A session is active.

    When I downgrade to 2.0.5 everything is fine again.

    Any ideas to solve this? Or is it a possible bug in 2.0.6?