What’s new in 2.0 ?

  • The plugin generates valid XHTML. (And Strict XHTML if you don’t use the border parameter)
  • You have the choice to use CSS or an image to define the margins of the icons in the sidebar.
  • The ALT descriptions are removed. They’re empty, now.
  • A bug is corrected : when you made a search in a category, the result returned some posts that displayed only one icon, whereas they belong to several categories.

11 thoughts on “What’s new in 2.0 ?

  1. Thanks for the search category fix, submarine. Works like a charm. :)

  2. It took me a moment to find the options page since WordPress renamed it and moved things around in 2.5. You might want to update the documentation that goes along with your plugin: the new settings page is under Manage > Category Icons …at least that’s where I found mine after activating it.

    It’s slick and I look forward to making good use of it! Thanks!

  3. Hi submarine. thanks for the update. i don’t understand why after this update my category titles are placed under the icons instead of to right.. can’t seem to fix it with the css too.

  4. @Biff

    Thank you Biff. I’ve updated the doc. That’s the reason why I put a link in the description of the plugin when you activate it.

  5. @Printer

    Could you try to select “Use CSS” in Sizes of the margins around the sidebar icons, please, as you don’t use margins around the icons in the sidebar. And add this parameter in the widget : link=false

    Tell me if this changed something, please.

  6. well i liked the alt function any way submarine does this version solve the subcategories problem,
    the problem is that if i have a category of ‘hollywood’
    and its subcategory of ‘dvd rips’, in the categories icon widget ‘dvd rips’ is displayed above ‘hollywood’ in ascending order while it is a subcategory and it should be below it not above it

    p.s. hey submarine i greatly appreciate your work and but there are few plugins that i need help plzz can you help me in that ,help will be greatly appreciated – these plugins are nearly complete but they lag a few thing hope you would modify them a bit

  7. submarine: unfortunatly I can’t seem to get it to display correct. I’m not an css expert though.. but I tried every thing I know for an our or so :( I found an older version (1.8.3) of the category icon plugin in my backup files so i changed back to that one for now. I’ll try some more later with the 2.0

  8. @Printer

    I think the problem is in that in versions before 2.0, I put link=false by default for the widget. That’s the reason why I told you to put in put_cat_icons() parameters :
    in order to adopt the older behaviour. Can you tell me the name of your theme, please, I want to do some tests with it.

  9. How i remove the border from around the icons w/o using css is there somewhere that I can just insert a border=”0″ tag i don’t want to do a whole stylesheet

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