17 thoughts on “What’s new in 1.9.9 ?

  1. Hi,

    I’ve just spent several hours trying to get rid of a nasty “Categories” word on the top of the sidebar widget (my site is not in English). Not to mention that the “ul” tag gets nested into a “li” tag. You say you’re not supporting CSS issues anymore, but before you take that step it would be nice if your plugin produced just a clean unnumbered list so we can style it as we need to.

    I have commented out the whole thing but still can’t bend this thing to my will…

    I’m far from an expert, but I’m a somewhat seasoned webdesigner. I’ve been trying to think out of the box, but no go.

  2. But why did you not use the title field of the widget ?

    For this widget, I just took the Categories widget of WordPress and modified it a little to suit to my needs.

    Just have a look to it : there’s almost nothing in category_icons-widget.php code, since I call my put_cat_icons() function (of Category Icons plugin), which uses the categories list from wp_list_categories().

    So you’re having issue with a list that I’m not the author : I just put the icons in the right place in that list, nothing more.

  3. Hi,
    I am running my article site powered by wordpress here : articledigger.info

    It run on WP 2.5 with article directory plugin and themes from articlelesss here : http://articlesss.com/article-directory-wordpress-plugin/ & http://articlesss.com/article-directory-wordpress-theme/.

    I did try set up category icon plugin on my main category(wanted only main category show icon) but it didnt show up.
    can you please take a look.

    you can look at http://www.wordpressdb.net as example..
    want to have the icon on every parent category.

  4. in style.css, add :
    #content .myicons {
    margin: 0px 5px 5px 0px;
    padding: 0;

    Look at the modified source code of the plugin article-directory.php here. The modifications are highlighted.

  5. just check the codes and found out that there are @@ on downloaded php file from pastebin..
    remove all @@ codes and get the site running :)

    many thanks..

    I can change the icon size on css code isnt it?

  6. Yes, @@ are used to highlight lines.

    CSS ? May be. But you should read the doc, please, as it is easier to do that with some parameters… :-D

  7. sorry m8 but it still gives me an error in functions file in freshy theme first on line 89 then on line 91 plzz help me m8

  8. well m8 sorry for pissing you off but i found a another way just upgraded to freshy 2 now well i have one request your plugin puts icons before the post title but i want them to just come below the title name and when clicked on it leads to category respectively

  9. The plugin patch the files or show you where to add the little code, but it’s just a proposal, i.e. it’s up to you to place it where you want, and to customize your display.

    To do what you want, just try the process ‘trial and errors’, til you are satisfied. I would put the code after the tag </h2> to begin…

  10. i did not get you ehich code should i add to get images under my title of post with the image leading to category

  11. Just cut and paste get_cat_icon() after the end of h2 tag… Look at your source code, in index.php, please.

  12. well well well i got my site working with category icons and i am the most happiest person for my site but submarine i need a little help my categories are displaying the ions but the arrange themselves in ascending order while some are subcategories they come above the main categories and no heirachies system too if that could be solved i would be thankful to you but in mean time visit my site

  13. I don’t understand. Can you tell me what is your main categorie and what is your subcategorie ? Give me more details, please.

    I want to ask you one thing : could you put some dots & commas in your sentences, please, otherwise it’s very difficult for me to read them ; english is not my native language : I’m french…

  14. I’m wondering is this category icon works with category cloud?

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