No Select or Remove links in Manage tab

Update : since v1.9.8, there are no more select and remove links : in the icons tab, you click on the category name to select icons, and you check the boxes on the left to select which icons you want to remove.

To manage icons, you need to be at least to level 4 (editor). So if you have no link in action, check your role, in Users > Authors & Users. Change your role to administrator in Authors & Users, even if you’re administrator, and then click on the button to update your role :


8 thoughts on “No Select or Remove links in Manage tab

  1. “Meine Gute”, as german people say, how simple it is, and how difficult for me to find out! :-) I was getting more and more concerned as I knew I was administrator and saw no point in changing the role. Thank you very much and I’m looking forward to the plugin release.

  2. Thank you very much! Like Laura, I was the administrator, but changing the level worked like a charm. :-)

  3. Once again, thanks for your help and swift response :)

    Anyone upgrading to WP 2.5 will probably find this very useful.


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  5. Hi, firstly thanks for this plugin.

    I can not add links in the category icons>icons section. I simply do not have the option to do so, ie the page is not fully rendering. And the stickler here is, it did before, and I have added icosn to half my categorys. But now its gone again. Also, it went and came back previously. But now for the life of me, it seems determined to not come back. Ive followed the baove advice aswell, ive refreshed 1000 times, clicked in and out constantly, activated and deactivated, activated the plugin again and again, reuploaded the plugin folder.

    Nothign seems to work. And there was no reason for it to come back before. I am stuck here, I really want to use this plugin as it makes displaying images very easy for me, but I just cant find a fix for this.

    Please help.


  6. To add too that, the how to section does not load either, and I can imagine the same thing thats stopping that loading is stopping me for having the option to add the icons.

    Is there a way I can add the images another way? Bar getting into the DB itself?


  7. Oh also, if you can help me find a solution to this I will make a donation to you for your time.

    Nothing like a bit of friendly blackmail eh -)

  8. Hi, please feel free to delte, compress or anything else you want to do with the comments above. I found the issue here and it was the sexybookmarks plugin.