No icon in dropdown menu

If you get “no icon” as your only choice in the dropdown menu, whereas you uploaded icons in the default uploads directory, make sure you have entered the proper path in Options > Miscellaneous > Store uploads in this folder : wp-content/uploads !

7 thoughts on “No icon in dropdown menu

  1. Hi!
    I did what you said but nothing change,,, I still have only one choice in the categories icon control panel… I mean that I can’t do anytihimg with this plugin…


  2. Did you create the uploads folder and set the permissions to 777 ? If yes and if it still can’t access to it, I can’t help you, sorry.

  3. Having the same issue.
    There seems to be some sort of bug related to having files with the same name…even if they are in subdirectories.

    ie, a file might not show up, but will after renaming. Reverting to original name causes it to disappear again. Is there an easy way to manually enter the icon location?

  4. Hi, very nice plugin however I’m having a little nuisance, I’m having the opposite results than having 0 images in the dropdown list, I get ALL the images I have, all the ones i have in images folder and all the way deep to every theme/plugin folder present in my WP installation. HELP!!!

  5. @Sub
    that’s the path i used the first time, now it’s working though, dont know how and why, the only thing i did was removing other plugins I was playing with.