How to assign an icon to a category

In WordPress 2.3.X :

Go to Manage > Category Icons and click on Icons tab.

manageicons How to assign an icon to a category

In WordPress 2.5 :

Go to Settings > Category Icons and click on the Icons tab.

manageicons25 How to assign an icon to a category

In WordPress 2.7+ :

Go to Posts > Category Icons and click on the Icons tab.

iconstab How to assign an icon to a category

Icons tab

If you want to delete the icons of a category and its priority, click on the checkbox in front of it, and then click on the button “Delete Icons and Priority”.

In the “Name” column, click on the name of the category to edit or select its icons.

selecticons25 How to assign an icon to a category

In the dropdown menu icon or Small icon, select an icon among the ones you uploaded in the default folder (wp-content/uploads) or the folder you’ve choosen to upload them. And then click on the button to the right to validate.That’s all.

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23 thoughts on “How to assign an icon to a category

  1. I love this plugin, it works great. I have a question though! When I manage my categories I get to choose two icons: one normal sized one and one small one. I want to use the small icons in my category list (in the sidebar) and the big ones in my blog entry. The big ones do show up in my blog entry but when I add the code for my sidebar the big ones show up and I want the small ones to be there. How do I do this? (In short: Large icons in blog entry [done], small ones in category list in the sidebar). Thanks in advance!

    Oh and keep up the great work with this plugin!

  2. example :


    Try small=false if you want to display the other icon.

  3. Hello! Congrats about the plugin, I love it. I have a question though.
    When I installed the plugin, there was no Template Code to insert (I use theme Tranquility), may be it was done automaticly.
    Everything seems to be ok, the plugin works fine, but I would like to use the large icons only in my Category List. When i type in the put_cat_icons: icons_only=true; small=false ((In Widgets–>Category Icons–> put_cat_icons() parameters)nothing seems to be changing. When i type them separately the functions work. May be I`m not typing correctly. How to get that done? Thanks in advance.

  4. hi there,
    i seem to have a problem with the plugin.

    When i got to manage categories, there is no option under Priority, Icon, Small Icon or Action so i cant assign any image to any category??

    i have version 1.8.6

    how do i make it work?

    Update :

    opps sorry just saw that post about the administrator settings. woking fine now. One Q i do have is how do i set the size of the icon and small icon?

    does it just display the image at the size i uploaded it as or does it resized?

  5. @Nicole

    You have 3 solutions :

    1. Upload your icons and use the parameters of get_cat_icons() to resize them all. I invite you to read the function documentation.

    2. You can use CSS with the ‘class’ parameter of get_cat_icon().

    3. Make your icons the size you want before uploading them, which is by far the easiest solution. :-)

  6. Wow. I must be missing something basic. Uploaded 1.8.6 and activated the plugin. There is no Options tab and no Category Icons option. When I go to Manage > Categories, everything’s normal, nothing for icons.

    I hate to ask, but what am I missing? :-/

    Interestingly enough, in the Plugin page there’s a note: “There is a new version of Category Icons Widget available. Download version 1.8.6 here or upgrade automatically.” But I know I have the latest version.

    WP 2.5, pretty basic setup. Sorry.

  7. I’ve updated this post. Read it again, please.

    If you want to get rid of the update message, modify the file category_icons-widget.php : you must replace version: 1.1 by Version: 1.8.6.

  8. Thanks. I should have caught that. Don’t know how I missed it.

    Thanks again!

  9. This plugin has a conflict with the “Admin Drop Down Menus” plugin:
    When the admin-menus plugin is active, it re-writes the menu structure under wp-admin, with the result that Category Icons settings page has no sub-tabs – no “Icons”, “Options”, “Template Code” tabs. Only the Options page is shown.

    If you activate Category Icons and don’t see these three sub-tabs, check to see if you have admin-menus (Admin Drop Down Menus) installed and active. If so, deactivate it when you want to manage Category Icons.

  10. Yes, you’re right. I’ve corrected this & I’ll release a new version of the plugin soon. I’m busy for instant, so please, be patient. :-)

  11. Hi.

    Have you tried to put :

    <?php if (function_exists(‘get_cat_icon’)) get_cat_icon(); ?>

    in category.php, at the line before if (have_posts()) ?

  12. thaaaaaanx for this great plugging.
    i want to know how to display only icons without category title in the sidebar widget.

  13. Hi! Is there another way to assign an icon to a category? I need to do it via another plugin. I know it is possible, and I’ve been lurking around your code and will find a way sooner or later, but if you could give me some tips I’d thank you :)

  14. Hey, I assigned the icons to categories…how do I get them to be displayed on the main page (index.php)? I am sure I need to add some sort of code to the template, can I have that code? Thanks!

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